012 – Edtech Best Practices

@81USHistory on TwitterFacebook PageShow E-mail: dokpodcast@gmail.com Article about edtech best practices: I’m not sure that engagement needs to be a huge priority compared to the quality coverage of the standards Make sure the standards covered match your state’s standards Sound teaching is the main goal Google Slides: Easily shareable for students and colleagues Easily syncs […]

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011 – Testing Again

@81USHistory on TwitterFacebook PageShow E-mail: dokpodcast@gmail.com Article about online testing: Great points, although this is clearly written for higher ed students Looking at positive elements from a student’s perspective My stance on online testing: I’ll use online testing with the understanding that things can go painfully wrong for reasons outside my control. Google Forms: Great […]

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010 – 21st Century

@81USHistory on TwitterFacebook PageShow E-mail: dokpodcast@gmail.com Article about 21st Century Learners: Technology isn’t the issue, it’s our ability to adapt 10 Characteristics are good, but there could be overlap I am weak in the creative characteristics Google Docs: Research sharing Project organization Shared research Grant by Ron Chernow: Similar to Hamilton Love new perspectives that […]

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009 – Smart Phones

@81USHistory on TwitterFacebook PageShow E-mail: dokpodcast@gmail.com Article about Smart Phones: Smart Phones are having negative impacts on students Ideas to help: Delay when kids get smartphones Reduce screen time Use technology to help Talk with your kids What is our role as educators in cell phone practices? Google Drive: Online housing for documents Storehouse for […]

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Teacher Culture

I am now in month two of my third school of my teaching career.  The thing that I am noticing the most when it comes to changing schools is that there is a lot of culture at school.  There are teacher cultures, student cultures, administration cultures, parent cultures, etc.  It boggles my mind how many […]

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Marvel vs. History

I’m a history kind of guy.  I enjoy the stories and the characters unfolding.  I like cause and effect relationships.  I especially love tactics and battle plans.  I believe that the majority of the kids sitting in my class are less enthusiastic about these parts of history than I am.  In the same way, I […]

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Education Speak

The vocabulary you have and fluency that you speak with in large part determine how educated you come off to others around you.  In any industry there is a particular vocabulary that you need to be understood by your peers.  Education is notorious for having a steep learning curve to understand the vernacular. It almost […]

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