The Value of Data

As a history teacher, sometimes I get caught up in the big picture rather than the details.  I like the meta-concept more than I do the details.  This is especially true when I look at grades or trends in my classroom.  Sometimes I’ll look at an assessment and rather than drill down into the data […]

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Day 1 – Washington and Civics

I arrived at Washington’s Reagan Airport in the late morning on Sunday.  While it was late morning Washington D.C., my morning began long before in the wee hours of the morning as DFW Airport.  I’ve never been happier to be out of a less than three hour flight.  I gathered my bags, checked the my […]

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Autonomy In the Classroom

Maybe it’s because I have written curriculum for two districts now and can see the overlap.  Maybe it’s because I have taught all three grades of middle school history.  Maybe it’s because I like to help people.  Maybe it’s because I like to fix things. All these things are true statements and reasons I’ve always […]

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