Sleepy Time

This past week our family entered a brand new phase.  Since May 1, Haley (and sometimes I) haven’t been able to sleep in longer than four hour increments.  We went on our annual trip to Lake Tyler for Independence Day and something magical happened.  Without us needing to have her stay in bed crying or do […]

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Coaching Change

This week is one of the biggest in my career as a teacher.  It might be on par with my appointment to department head of the history department at my school and the day I was hired in my district (which was tougher since I was alternatively certified).  This week I officially signed paperwork that […]

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Workouts and Growth

Most teachers I know have some goal that they set for their summers.  Sometimes it’s to spend time with their families, travel a lot, or even spend time reworking their classroom for the following school year.  For me, this summer is being characterized by waking up early to do P90X early in the morning before […]

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Spending to Save?

As I posted about a few days ago, Haley and I added to our family a little over a week ago.  Clearly, we knew our first child was on the way for quite some time and we planned on saving as much money as we could so that we could pay cash for her hospital […]

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Bundle of Joy

On Wednesday May the 1st at 12:49 PM, the Horner household went from a two person house to a three person family!  Caroline Horner came into the world and it has changed our family so much.  Haley and I have been overwhelmed with the outpouring of support from both of our families.  Both sets of […]

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It’s the Final Countdown

We’ve done everything we’re supposed to by now.  We have gotten the nursery together, had multiple baby showers, interviewed pediatricians, contacted relatives, made numerous visits to the hospital, and attended three classes through our hospital.  I’ve read books, she hasn’t…which is a bit odd.  We’ve done everything we can think of to get ourselves and our home […]

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