005 – Worksheets

@tylerhorner on Twitter Article about Worksheets vs. “Busysheets” What digital products are busysheets hidden in disguise? Solutions to worksheets: Only print things that add value Moderate practice Watch what you give your subs Games in the Classroom Pre-made Games: Escape Rooms Kahoot Classroom games (Pictionary, Trashketball, etc.) Freck Geoguessr Other Games Modifying existing board games […]

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004 – Fyre

@tylerhorner on Twitter Article about Christopher Columbus art at Notre Dame Does the location of the murals really matter that much?  Would this have happened if they were in the basement of the library? My main question: What are the limits?  Is everything negative in history going to be wiped clean?  How do we combat […]

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003 – Paper Maps

@tylerhorner on Twitter Article about the need for paper maps What is considered a map differs for all people Atlas Obscura EdPuzzle Easy way to add assessments to videos. Can use Youtube or your own videos Crash Course link Marie Kondo

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002 – Breakout

@tylerhorner on Twitter Article about Workplace Trends Schools (in my experience) are not what I would call “progressive” In a world of digital security, I have not run across many security breaches at a school I have worked at Breakouts/Escape Rooms Resource for pre-made digital breakouts For other pre-made escape rooms, google “us history escape […]

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001 – Loneliest Number

@tylerhorner on Twitter Article about Facebook Why would you ever believe Facebook? I was reflecting on what I’m “selling” in my classroom and do I have the best interest of my students at heart Flipgrid Great for use with struggling writers like ESL and Sped students Could be used for classroom differentiation Be sure to […]

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