004 – Fyre

@tylerhorner on Twitter

Article about Christopher Columbus art at Notre Dame

  • Does the location of the murals really matter that much?  Would this have happened if they were in the basement of the library?
  • My main question: What are the limits?  Is everything negative in history going to be wiped clean?  How do we combat misinformation and revisionist history as modern educators?


  • Good for vocabulary review
  • Quizlet Live
    • Set ground rules for names
    • Leave them wanting more
    • Make sure that everyone is participating

Fyre Documentary (Netflix and Hulu)

  • I wonder what people’s responsibility is for what they post on social media?
  • What responsibility do people have to back up what they say they can do?
  • How much do I want to be liked and thought of as successful?

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