School days


As a teacher I have to be in favor of the educational process.  It just so happens that I really like higher education and learning about things I am passionate about.   I realized a few years ago the while I do have a Master’s Degree it is not in a field that is helpful to me in education.  With that in mind, and my family’s full support, I began investigating the possibility of going back to school for a Master’s of Education.

The fundamental question for me was: What degree should I seek?  When I set out, I had one of two ideas in mind, either Educational Leadership or Educational Counseling.  I did a lot of research including talking with counselors at the school I work at and contacting various graduate schools to ask about those two majors.  What I kept coming back to was that I was not passionate about either they just seemed like the next iteration of the education lifestyle.  I was hoping for someone to change my mind, but that never happened.  

At this point I was at a bit of a crossroads.  If not either of these two options, what was I left with?  I began looking at the universities that I had a connection to and I saw a major that intrigued me, a Master’s of Education in Instructional Technology.  I began to research the program and look at the coursework and I liked what I saw.  I was nervous though because the degree did not lead to a specific job in education.  At least with Educational Leadership or Counseling I had a specific job that I was qualified for as soon as I attained my degree.

More difficult discussions lead to a revelation; while this degree does not lead to a specific job it is valuable to a larger audience.  Technology is not going away in education both in a school environment and outside of schools.  With this in mind I submitted my application to Texas A&M’s distance program and I start in the Spring.  I am really looking forward to it.  So much so that I am going to catalog my process here to help with reflection and implementation in my classroom.  

A few other thoughts:

  • I forgot what a pain the financial aid process is.  I have complicated the process by applying for grants, but it is still more than I remember it being when I originally went through the process.
  • Textbooks are expensive, although renting digital textbooks is awesome.
  • I feel so old logging into the online portal.  The had nothing like this “back in my day” but it is nice that everything is all in one place.

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