Two Out of Three


In my last post, I promised that I would be using three new technologies in class.  I got two of them done and the third will come the week after Spring Break.  Let’s take a look at what I used:

  • GoFormative – This is a platform to quickly take formative assessment data during a lesson.  I liked this more than Google Forms in certain scenarios because it will allow the kids to draw instead of just type and it collects the data in a way that it is easily usable.  This is really helpful with things like my touchscreen Chromebooks in my classroom.
  • Exploros – I liked Exploros to a point.  It was easy to set up to use my Google Classroom and there are a variety of topics that are aligned to our state standards.  The problem is that it is still very much a read and answer curriculum.  This wouldn’t be bad for days when there is a sub in the classroom, but it really is mostly reading.  It’s got a lot of resources though, so if you’re short for information on a part of History it’s worth taking a look at.

After Spring Break I’m going to give Flocabulary a try, so I’ll have a write up for that when we’re back in the rhythm of the school year.


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