Presentation Fatigue


This last week was the first round of presentations for my classes.  I go into this first round every year hoping that the kids will come into middle school with and innate ability to present information that they have learned.  I show them previous presentations that have wowed me and point them to some of our eighth graders to help them with their technique.  Without fail, there are always a few groups here and there that do an unexpectedly good job presenting for whatever reason, but realistically no group of students is any better than the rest at presenting.

It frustrates me too because our eighth graders are so good at presenting by the time they leave.  I can’t help but wonder if the teachers are doing something in different ways that I’m not or if it truly is more about the age of the children.  I don’t want to believe that 6th graders cannot physically or mentally handle presenting and just need practice, but the more I have students present the more I think that’s the case.  If anyone out there has any suggestions  please let me know you’re experiences because I almost feel like I’m getting down on myself.


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