Pushing Others

One thing I’ve wanted to work on for the past couple of years is my ability to lead people who don’t think like me.  It’s really easy to modify people who are on the same page with your, but pushing people to try new things and do things differently has always been a struggle for […]

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Students Grading Themselves

When my principal came to me at the end of the year last year telling me about the ROLE classroom and how she would like me to attempt it (with some other teachers) one of the things that made me leery was the idea of students assessing their learning for the grading period and giving […]

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Presentation Fatigue

This last week was the first round of presentations for my classes.  I go into this first round every year hoping that the kids will come into middle school with and innate ability to present information that they have learned.  I show them previous presentations that have wowed me and point them to some of […]

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Minecraft and Play by Play

I’m not too sure why I have always shied away from Minecraft as a teacher.  Maybe it’s because anything that students want to play instead of doing school related things is difficult for a beginning teacher.  Maybe it’s because our district hasn’t put it on every computer and iPad, unlike other games of this ilk. […]

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