Reflecting on Blended Learning

One of the many things teaching related that I’ve run across is the Middle School Matters website and podcast.  Being a middle school teacher it made sense for me to learn as much as I can about the middle school mindset as well as learn from others in the trenches.  As I was listening to […]

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First Sunday at Church

Today was Caroline’s first day at church and there was one first during church, one first after church, and one interesting discussion that followed: One First During Church: We dropped Caroline off at Little Village, which is the children’s ministry at our church.  We put our parent pick-up sticker on her, left some instructions for […]

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Don’t Get Stagnant

When I was in little league, my coaches used to tell me that if you’re not getting better you’re getting worse.  I never really understood that growing up, but now that I’m on the wrong side of my sporting career it makes sense.  I try to remember that during the summer where it’s really easy […]

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Is Compacting the Answer?

There are a number of things that the average classroom teacher must deal with regardless of location and circumstance.  We have our state or national government telling us what students in our class must master to graduate, we have mandates from our districts for what is going on in our classroom, and we have (for […]

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East Texas BBQ

My wife is from east Texas.  She grew up in Longview, TX but her parents now live in Tyler, TX (seems spooky that she married a Tyler) so we visit from time to time.  On consistent time we see them is on the 4th of July to celebrate Independence Day.  We spent a bit more […]

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Sleepy Time

This past week our family entered a brand new phase.  Since May 1, Haley (and sometimes I) haven’t been able to sleep in longer than four hour increments.  We went on our annual trip to Lake Tyler for Independence Day and something magical happened.  Without us needing to have her stay in bed crying or do […]

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Coaching Change

This week is one of the biggest in my career as a teacher.  It might be on par with my appointment to department head of the history department at my school and the day I was hired in my district (which was tougher since I was alternatively certified).  This week I officially signed paperwork that […]

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