Workouts and Growth

Most teachers I know have some goal that they set for their summers.  Sometimes it’s to spend time with their families, travel a lot, or even spend time reworking their classroom for the following school year.  For me, this summer is being characterized by waking up early to do P90X early in the morning before […]

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Hypothetical vs. Reality

I feel like compared to a lot of classrooms I was presented with during the teacher certification process I have done a really good job of innovating in the classroom and putting into practice a lot of the neat ideas that we are presented with at any number of conventions and seminars we attend as […]

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People and Places

There’s a really good chance that next year I’ll be teaching at least one strand of history that I have little or no experience teaching.  Because of the way scheduling works out this summer, I’ll probably have a couple of my normal social studies classes as well as a Texas or US history course.  I’ve […]

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Leadership and Beyond

This week was a typical last week of school.  Two days of finals, a half day to end it all with the kids, and a day of checking out of school.  I am not the biggest fan of the last week of school, for the most part.  I hate killing time with kids because we […]

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Summer Plans

The end of the school year is here.  This was signaled by the 6th grade taking their annual field trip.  In previous years we’ve gone to a roller skating rink, but since the past few years we’ve had some fairly major injuries we decided to take them to a local water park.  My comment was […]

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