Today was definitely a first for me.  I went to a baby related doctor’s appointment with no baby in tow (she’s not due for another two months) or my wife.  I went and me with our soon to be pediatrician’s office to get information and see the office.  Usually they have group meetings with the doctors and multiple parents, but today I lucked out and got to spend a few minutes one-on-one with one of the doctor’s at the practice.  I was a little shocked when the founding doctor of the practice walked in wearing jeans and a very fashionable shirt, but I got over that very quickly.  He wanted to know a lot about my wife and the details of the pregnancy.  We spent a few minutes talking about the particulars of the practice and how they operated.  I asked some very benign questions to him and he reassured me.  Did I mention that all of this happened in an examination room?  I walked out of the office with only one dilema, the fact that it had taken me around 15 minutes in traffic to make it about a mile and a half from my house.  I decided to do some reconnoissance work going home and I figured out that there is a less traveled, very easy back way to the office from my house.  I’m sure at some point I’ll have some sort of disagreement with their office, but for now I’m satisfied with our choice of pediatrician and it’s a good thing to have in my back pocket as we move forward in the pregnancy.


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