Reinventing Me

I’ve recently found out that when I became a teacher my head was filled with a lot of assumptions about the career of teaching.  First was that this path for my life would be more stable than my previous life as a youth minister.  That was quickly debunked when my district began laying off teachers […]

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Classes Are Done

Monday Haley and I finished our pre-baby coursework.  Our hospital offers three classes for new parents, and while they aren’t mandatory they are recommended.  At first I was a bit hesitant, but after going to them all we really learned a lot and feel better about the prospects of taking home our child in six […]

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Today was definitely a first for me.  I went to a baby related doctor’s appointment with no baby in tow (she’s not due for another two months) or my wife.  I went and me with our soon to be pediatrician’s office to get information and see the office.  Usually they have group meetings with the doctors and […]

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Gifted, Prepared, or Well Funded

Being labeled ‘gifted’ is always a desire for students as well as their parents.  Who wouldn’t want to have their child labeled as gifted by their school district?  It’s affirmation by the educated in your community that your child is ‘smarter’ than the rest of the children in their school.  Often people focus on the […]

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