I’m up early this morning writing because I have to be everywhere at least thirty minutes early.  In this case, since I’m driving to school from Denton to beat the basketball team to the gym, I decided to be here around forty-five minutes early.  Today is one of my facovirte days of this year because I get to go to the basketball tournament with the 7th graders as well as go to see a much anticipated movie tonight.

I do love basketball season because of the complete change it is from football season.  The grind of football season is almost too much for me every year because of the immense time commitment.  Now that the pace has slowed a bit I have been able to get my feet under me and can relax from time to time.  I also enjoy basketball because there are fewer kids and I get to know them really well.  Most kids come in with some basketball knowledge so it’s more about developing skills rather than teaching new ones.  When you wrap all of those facts together you get a pretty enjoyable part of the school year.

After we’re done with the tournament, the wife and I are headed to The Hobbit in 3D, which I’ve heard is really good.  I’m a complete J.R.R. Tolkien fan.  I used to read The Lord of the Rings every year in January, but I haven’t had the time to do that in recent years.  I did make a point to reread The Hobbit in the past months in anticipation of the first of three movies.  I’ve been told the way they filmed it and the pace of the movie have derailed some of the majesty of Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy, but I’m pretty much going to see anything he puts out at this point.  We’re going to see it at one of the iPic Theatres tonight, which makes it even more of a special night.  Who doesn’t like private, leather recliners to watch a movie on?

I’m planning on reviewing the movie tomorrow, but I’m just pumped that I’m seeing it opening weekend at this point.


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