Lights by Tyler.horner
Lights, a photo by Tyler.horner on Flickr.

I’m finding myself daydreaming more and more about how having a child is going to change my life. As I was driving home this evening I kept getting hung up on Christmas lights. I’ve never been a fan of going and putting up lights for a month or paying someone entirely too much money to do the same. But is having a child going to impact that?

Growing up my parents did very basic all white Christmas lights around the eves of our home. My grandparents both did the same but with colored lights. As I drive down the streets of my neighborhood I’m seeing more and more lights as well as all kinds of blow-up santas, moving LED lights, and creatively wrapped trees of all colors. Is my child going to beg me to put up similar things? Will I be willing to sacrifice multiple days outside rigging various electrically unsound devices to please my child? Or will I willingly want to do all these things to watch the fleeting smile of my daughter? Who knows, but I’ll find out in a couple of years (I’ll wait till she asks me).


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