Baby Teeth


My wife started complaining about how bad one of her teeth hurt last night.  I blamed it on the fact that she hadn’t been to the dentist in a while, but she laughed that notion off.  I didn’t really hear much from her for the rest of the evening, but little did I know that was the calm before the storm.

I woke up this morning to a messy kitchen because she had been up late into the night looking up home remedies for toothaches.  Apparently I didn’t know the one about putting vanilla extract on the tooth will help numb the pain.  I went about my morning routine and headed in to work…did I mention it was below freezing and lightly snowing in north Texas?

I got to school and began to get ready for our basketball game today when who would come walking across the gym?  My wife brings my lunch that I’d forgotten, and tells me that she had an appointment with a dentist to look at her tooth.  At this point I began to prep for the worst.  She reassured me that they can’t do too much to a pregnant woman, so I calmed a bit.

I forgot to cover her class for her accidentally, but she told me that her sinuses were so inflamed that they were pushing on the roots of her teeth and that’s what’s causing the pain.  Luckily, her doctor was able to call in some medicine for her and the dentist was going to get paid through the insurance, so everything is fine.  I didn’t know all this could happen over one little tooth ache.


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