A First Time Daddy


I know people that have started websites and blogs for any number of reasons.  I feel like most of the time people start one because they are headed on the trip of a lifetime and want people to follow their journeys.  Sometimes people are after the fame and fortune associated with writing and having opinions on the worldwide web.  I know I’ve started blogs for different reasons only to have myself lose interest entirely and not post for months at a time.  I’m not saying that this blog is going to be any different, but I hope it won’t.

I’m writing this blog for my wife, my soon to be baby girl, and me.  I want to chronicle our lives together and how we grow as a family.  I want to blog to savor the good times, remember the struggles, and more than anything to remember.  Sometimes my memory fails me, especially as I grow older, and I want to make sure that I have memories of the past.

I found out earlier this week that I’m going to be a father to a little girl in April and I’m both excited and worried all of a sudden.  Pregnancy has been different, but not that different until we found the gender of our baby.  Somehow it went from being a great future with a little unnamed baby to we’re having a girl and she’s healthy and growing.  I feel like my spare time is being used wondering about things, planning for future events, and having the slight worry in my stomach.  I love the idea of having a little girl, but my whole family is full of boys, so I’m about to get a crash course in little girls, but I can’t wait.


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